22 June 2021
Admission Requirements Kyiv Medical University

There are two admission sessions in 2021. The first one, in winter, lasts from 15th January till 15th April, while the second one, in summer – from 1st July and till 15th December.

The University announces admission for such major faculties as General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in Ukrainian and in English medium. In winter the University accepts for the General Medicine and Dentistry in English medium only.

Applying Procedure

Step 1. To Apply for an Invitation Letter

An applicant should submit the scan copies of the following documents to the KMU International Faculty by filling out our application form:

• First page of the Passport;
• School Certificate with Academic Records of all subjects;
• Consent to personal data collection and processing;
• Application for the name of Rector;
• National Eligibility Entrance Test – NEET quality certificate (applicable for Indian nationals only).

After throughout examination of applicant’s documents the University makes the decision whether or not to give an Invitation Letter.

Step 2. To Apply for Visa

When an applicant receives an Invitation Letter from the University, he/she should apply for visa type “D”.

After receiving the visa in diplomatic or consular establishment of Ukraine in the country of applicant’s residence, it is time to go to Kyiv.

Step 3. To Apply for a Faculty

On arrival an applicant must submit the following documents to the University:

1. School Certificate with Academic Records of all subjects (in the original and a copy);
2. Passport (in the original and a copy of the front page and the page with Ukrainian visa issued by Ukrainian Embassy);
3. Medical Certificate issued by the Department of Health in the applicant’s country at least two months prior to the applicant’s arrival to Ukraine;
4. Invitation Letter (in the original);
5. Medical Insurance;
6. 12 photos, size 3,5 x 4,5, matte.

Documents mentioned in items 1, 2, 3 should be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.
Documents mentioned in item 1 should be legalized in a way legally provided in the applicant’s country of otherwise they are stipulated by international laws.

After arrival an applicant should visit the International Faculty of the University in person, bring a set of application documents and undergo the registration procedure. The staff study the set of application documents. An applicant completes application forms for the name of the Rector and a draft of the contract on educational service between the student and the University. An applicant is informed about the date when he\she takes two writing tests – in language (English or Ukrainian) and Chemistry. When the applicant undergoes the whole process successfully, the University issues the Order of admission which means that the applicant is enrolled for the program and becomes a student of the University.

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