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University of Siena
The University of Siena awards first cycle, second cycle and single long cycle degrees in the following faculties: Economics, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Arts and Humanities in Arezzo, Medicine and Surgery, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences and Political Science, as well as several interfaculty degrees. The teaching activities of the University of Siena’s first and second level courses are generally carried out in one of the nine faculties. Postgraduate education at the University of Siena is carried out in postgraduate schools, master’s programmes, training, advanced training and refresher courses and summer schools, while postgraduate research is performed in the doctoral schools.
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Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics

Degree class LM-46 - Dentistry and dental prostheses

The single-cycle master's degree program in Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics prepares you to practice the dental profession, through theoretical and practical training delivered in English. The English language is used both in lectures and practical internships, as well as in the assessment of preparation. The communication in English of all didactic contents has the function of making access to scientific knowledge, largely disseminated in English, more direct and advanced and to foster a more up-to-date comparison with the academic community and the network of professionals international level.

University ranking. The University of Siena regularly ranks high in the national ranking of Italy. The University of Siena is one of the most distinguished and oldest universities in Italy. The university is annually included in the top 5% of leading universities on the planet.

Admission and tuition fees. Enrollment in an educational institution is based on passed exams. The academic year at UNISI is divided into two academic. semester. Getting an undergraduate education at the university is considered inexpensive at less than 1,000 USD / year. When applying for master's programs at UNISI, it is worth considering that the cost of one year of study will cost about 3,000 USD. Although the tuition fees are low, students can also apply for a scholarship.

University composition. University of Siena is a large educational institution with more than 24 thousand students. The admissions office of the educational institution considers applications from both local and from applicants from abroad. About 10% of foreigners study at UNISI. The academic staff of the educational institution includes more than 1600 teachers. The university takes an active part in international exchange programs for students and the academic staff of the university. 

Infrastructure of the University. The infrastructure of the educational institution includes its own library. It is worth taking into account that in addition to the European University Association (EUA), the educational institution is a member of such associations as: Coimbra Group and International Research Universities Network (IRUN)

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